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WebClues Infotech

WebClues Infotech is CMMI Level 5 certified company. It offers state-of-the-art Web and Mobile app development services. It helps companies build a unique presence in the industry and leverage the wide expanse of the web to attract attention and achieve conversions.

WebClues Infotech has in-house designers and developers working with the best technologies and creating new possibilities. We refine and reform your ideas, give them direction, and bring tangible products and solutions to your audiences.
Our development process and expertise is ready to deliver the intended results to all levels and types of businesses while catering to their unique requirements and market presence.


Data EximIT

Data EximIT works to harness new possibilities and build opportunities for companies. The experienced team at Data EximIT creates innovative solutions for the mobile and web as Data EximIT provides team extension services.

With Data EximIT, you can get assured and authentic solutions by an extended team of designers and developers working together with your team to create mobile and web applications.
Consultants and developers at Data EximIT can guide you through the complexities of designing and development. Our solutions will help you carve a niche and lead the industry with strategic planning backed with extended research and analysis.



Codezeros is a leading Blockchain Services provider that creates bespoke solutions with the help of the latest technology. Blockchain technology has several use cases and impressive utilities. With the blockchain bringing a revolution in the industry, Codezeros is at the forefront of taking the revolution forward with smart solutions.

Codezeros has the potential and expertise to craft powerful solutions for your organization. It remodels and recreates company processes by integrating blockchain into its operations.
Our Blockchain developers help businesses adopt and adapt to the Web3.0 space taking them into the metaverse and NFT technology. Besides creating blockchain applications, we also create dApps, DLT solutions, smart contracts, and whitepapers for our clients.



Slangbusters is a branding-specialist team of professionals helping brands get recognized in their industry. We create innovative and impressive communications solutions to build your presence online and offline.

Slangbusters creates bespoke solutions and systems to promote and prowess your brand. In essence, Slangbusters is creating solutions that cut through the noise and pens down your story with an easy-to-understand language.
The brand strategists and marketers on the team conduct audits, understand customer insights, create the brand architecture, build the right brand strategy, and work on the brand guidelines to create impressive and high-impact solutions.